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Faith and Mission Development/Distinctives

Distinctives Workshop (Distinctives training workshops are held at school sites in a two-day format. Workshops can also be customized to meet your school’s particular needs or school improvement goals. On-site workshops offer opportunities for all staff to interact around the material and provide a number of “jumping off” points for administrators and teacher leaders to pursue after the workshop is completed.) Please contact Dan for a sample two day Distinctives workshop schedule.

“Thank you so much. You generated questions and issues that I will ponder, reflect on, and be involved in, to change in my teaching. I really valued these 2 days!”
“These were the most beneficial in-service days I have been to in 7 years of education!”

Touching the Heart Through Faith Enhancing Practices (Exploring 12 things that teachers do to encourage faith development in the classroom – also part of a Distinctives two-day workshop)

Curriculum Integration

Project Based Learning - Dan can lead your staff through an exploratory workshop on this topic. The workshop examines the rationale for moving to this approach, allows participants to explore relevant resources, and collaboratively share their findings and future action steps.
Essential Questions – Why You Should Be More Concerned With EQ’s Than IQ’s at Your School (Integrating faith and learning – also part of a Distinctives two-day workshop)
Curriculum Mapping (Making a case for the value of mapping, how to decide categories, steps for multi-year process of development, and considering best tools to use to make it practical and possible)
Embodying Kingdom Citizenship: Curriculum Leadership in the 21st Century (Takes a comprehensive look at intersections between school mission, teaching and learning, supervision and evaluation, and professional development)


Creating a Climate/Culture for Faith Nurture and Learning: Balancing Grace and Truth (What kind of climate/culture exists in your school?  What specific ideas have been shown to positively impact climate/culture? What do we mean by balancing grace and truth? An exploration of the relationship between climate, culture, and character and the mission, vision, and values of your school. Is climate/culture an organizational or personal issue? How does the climate/culture of the larger school community impact your classroom? What is the role of leadership related to a healthy climate/culture? Also part of Distinctives two-day workshop in shorter format)


Leadership and Wounding: Principles to Live By (Explores emotional/social intelligence research and its applications. How can leaders lead from their own wounding, and how can they avoid wounding others in their leadership?)

Leadership and Faith Nurture: It’s Not Just Another Job, It’s the Main Thing! (Explores the role of the leader as prophet, priest, and king in encouraging faith nurture by teachers and with students)

Teacher Evaluation and Professional Growth

Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth: Creating a Culture of Motivation and Learning (This is a presentation based upon Dan’s teacher evaluation book, published by Corwin Press.  He has made multiple presentations around teacher evaluation and staff development at national and international  conferences.)

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