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School Improvement


Is your school measuring it’s mission? Are students reaching the outcomes you desire for them? Are you effectively using data to confirm what has been “caught” not just “taught”?


Dan’s expertise in the area of school improvement has been honed by:

  • Being site team chair and school team participant in accreditation processes at 17 schools in the past two years.

  • In the summer of 2012, he was trained as a Lead Systems Evaluator by Advanc-ED in Atlanta, GA.

  • His development of conceptual models and rubrics that help schools gain clarity around measuring their missions.

  • His training in processes that honor people and help them to recognize how to best use their gifts in team approaches.

  • His deep understanding of the connections between curriculum, staff development, and staff evaluation and the structures, processes, and tools needed to build a successful learning community.


Are you making progress on both faith development and student achievement aspects of your mission and at the same time developing a culture of continuous improvement with your staff?


While at Christian Schools International,  Dan co-led a team of Christian educators to develop a new self assessment tool,  Measuring the Mission, that can be used as part of Christian Schools International’s accreditation process or as a school improvement tool. Measuring the Mission contains 41 indicators over 80 plus pages with accompanying rubrics. School improvement teams can use the indicators, rubrics, focus questions, and data sources to focus improvement plans at their school. This is a one of a kind tool newly available for Christian schools and educators! For more information, contact Christian Schools International.

“Over the past 2 years Dan Beerens has served as a lead consultant with our school in both the areas of curriculum development and in the school’s overall strategic planning process. His experience in education shines in every discussion, he brings a collaborative energy that values all members in our school community, and it seems as though he has a sixth sense with the ability to ask the right questions relating to our school’s vision/mission and making recommendations for the direction we will be heading in the upcoming years.”
Tim Paauw
Principal, Jenison Christian School, Michigan
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