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An absolutely unique and incredibly helpful tool for Christian schools

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(This is a post originally published in 2015 - I can tell you from the history of the past two years that schools have really embraced our faith-learning integration tool!)

Within the last year, in Curriculum Trak, the curriculum mapping product that I represent, we have added what I would consider to be one of the most helpful things ever for Christian schools! I am talking about the Faith-Learning Integration (FLI) tool in Curriculum Trak. For years, I have worked with schools to help them articulate a Biblical perspective in what they teach through their curriculum. Increasingly, what I noticed is that teachers were unable to articulate the connections between God’s world and God’s word and between mission/broad goals translating into student learning targets at the unit level. I was concerned that this aspect of distinctiveness in Christian education was being lost.

Last year at Curriculum Trak we were able to develop a partnership with a longtime friend of mine, Dr. Mark Eckel. Mark has spent a lifetime reading, thinking, writing, and teaching. He has developed very specific conceptual understandings for, at this point, nine subject areas. This material is available within Curriculum Trak to our clients and can be accessed by teachers through the editing menu as they develop unit plans. You can read more about Mark and see examples of his work here. If you would like to see a demo of this FLI tool or Curriculum Trak, please fill out the demo request form found on the Curriculum Trak website.

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