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Interesting info re: Common Core

As the sales rep for Curriculum Trak, I regularly get into conversations with schools about what sets of standards and benchmarks to use for alignment in their mapping program. A surprising number of faith-based schools are using the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), despite all the public hullaballoo in recent years.

What is also interesting are the following facts related to Common Core implementation:

  • Although states can add up to 15% of additional content, only 21 states have made any changes

  • Of those 21, only 5.8% have added anything to the standards

  • Changes to the CCSS by those 21 states are mostly in the area of clarification (16.9%)

  • Only 1.4% of those 21 states have deleted any information!

  • Of the original 46 states that adopted them, eight states have repealed or withdrawn the standards, 17 have left them intact as adopted, and 21 have made the kinds of changes indicated in the previous bullets.

(Source: Education Week, January 25, 2017)

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