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Confidential Coaching Services


Leadership is a lonely business! Discussing your situation with someone who has "been there" and has experience in a variety of settings and with a wide variety of schools can be extremely helpful. You can't always find the confidante you need, let alone have that confidant have over three decades of educational expertise!

  • Are you concerned about the best ways to move your school forward but need some “talking through” time with someone who understands the complexities of educational leadership?

  • Do you need someone to talk to about your professional concerns in a confidential manner and know you will be listened to?

  • Do you seek connections with other resource providers who could assist you and yet don’t have a wide network to turn to?

  • Would you like to bring a greater passion and focus to your school community, but don’t know quite where to begin?

Dan can provide coaching support to help you meet your professional goals. Coaching can happen in person, by phone, or by using Skype. Dan uses a process of careful listening, key questions, and refocusing to help you move in productive directions. 

Developing Your Leadership Team
Knowing your strengths is important, but CoreClarity takes Strengths Based Leadership understandings for individuals and teams several steps further! Dan is trained in the use of CoreClarity - this process has proven very beneficial for leadership teams. Not only does it positively affirm each team member, it also serves to enhance a deeper understanding of how talents can empower or be in conflict. Explore and appreciate how each person's unique blend of talents makes up their Core Drill and how each talent can be further developed and enhanced.
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